Important Points for Granite Worktops
  • Granite being a product of nature and is therefore subject to variation in colour, texture and shade. Small samples of granite are only representative of and not indicative of selected material.
  • It is important to view and select your slabs to be used for making we make your work top.
  • If you choose veined granite please note that when used in a U or L shaped kitchen it is impossible to have the vein follow the same direction. Pearl granites appear different in shade, when placed in the opposite direction to each other and should not be viewed as a fault.
  • Certain granites are more open than others and are subject to micro cracks this does not make them inferior. Some examples of these are Baltic Brown, Emerald pearl, Balmoral Red, Verde Ubatuba and Rosa Porrino. We strongly recommend that when selecting the granite that you look carefully at the slabs to make sure you are satisfied with your choice. Shade variation in granite is common even from one end of the slab to the other. If you are concerned about this please ensure that you examine the slabs carefully when selecting as we cannot be liable after the counter has been produced or installed.
  • Granite is similar to timber and is liable to have similar markings, like knots. You should be aware of this when selecting as is more common in some granites.
  • Certain materials are liable to break if produced in excessively long lengths. Lamartine reserve the right to decide the best positioning for joints in all work tops as the random nature of the material dictates this.
  • Pure black granite has become very popular in recent times. We must emphasis to those who seek perfection in life that this material is extremely difficult to maintain. There is no doubt that it is very beautiful but because by its nature it shows the slightest imperfection. While every effort will be made to ensure your counter is manufactured to the highest standard please be advised that we will not be liable for small imperfections. Please ensure that you ask the person selling the counter to explain what to expect.
  • There is a difference between a ramped and a recessed drainer. The drainers that we install are recessed type and for this reason it is necessary to wipe excess water from the drainer as you would with an inset sink and drainer.
  • The polish on a recessed drainer may differ in appearance to that on the overall work top. This is more prevalent in some materials that have been treated with a sealer during block production. A particular example would be Verde Ubatuba.
  • Maintenance is simple just clean with warm water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • We will issue a quotation / estimate based on details supplied by you. If the area of the measured counter is different Lamartine reserve the right to increase or decrease the price accordingly.
  • Should our quote be acceptable and you wish to place an order our payment terms will require a 50% deposit of the VAT inclusive price before proceeding with the order. The balance should be paid to our fitter or on collection of the goods.
  • Please ensure that someone is there to inspect the completed work and sign off our installation report. Failure to pay our fitter may result in non-completion of the job and an additional charge for a second call out of €150.00.
  • A survey fee of €100.00 euro will be deducted from the deposit where and order is cancelled after survey.
  • Our delivery is generally 7 – 10 working days from date of survey providing we have all the details required. We reserve the right to increase this time when circumstances demand.
  • The provision of ply or MDF deck is not included in our price and must be provided by you or your kitchen supplier prior to our arrival.
  • Our surveyor requires that the sink and hob be on-site and positioned in deck prior to their arrival.
  • Please ensure that you have decided where all appliances are going as this can delay the installation of your counter.
  • If using under mounted sinks it is important to have the taps available on-site.
  • Due to our acceptable machine and manual tolerances it may not be possible to use some of the accessories that are provided with some under-mounted sinks.
  • In recent times, there has been a lot of development in the types of sinks available on the market. Some of these are particularly large and are not conducive to the standard 600mm wide counter. Your counter would have to be increased in size to accommodate these sinks. It is also inadvisable to have some of these large sink cut-outs in the work top as this will weaken the stone. Particularly materials like Venetian Gold and Ivory Silk.
  • For similar reasons to sinks we do not recommend solid hob cut-outs. Should you insist on this they will have to be done on-site while the counter is in place? While we exercise due caution to prevent damage to your units or appliances beneath we cannot be held liable for same. This procedure is a very dusty process and our fitters will make every effort to minimize the disruption this may cause.
  • The area in front of the sink and hob are the weakest points of the counter. Please ensure that no one gets up on or climbs on this area to open windows or paint ceilings etc. We cannot be responsible for breakage due to misuse.
  • While every effort will be made on our part to maintain our schedules sometimes circumstances beyond our control prohibit this. Consequently we cannot guarantee specific delivery times during our working day.

In most cases when we fit counters some other trades people such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers or gas installers are also required to disconnect and or reconnect sinks, cookers, hobs etc. These trades’ people are your responsibility and not that of Lamartine Fires & Fireplaces.

Please note our fitters are not qualified to undertake such work and we insist that they do not do so under any circumstances even at your request. Lamartine will not be liable.

We will not accept any liability what so ever for loss, damage and delays caused by other trades. We would also ask you to only use qualified trades people when having such work done.

We will give you adequate notice to allow you organise other trades before we fit your counter.

However we must advise that failure to do so will cause delay and extra cost to you if our fitter has to make a return visit.

Thank you for considering Lamartine Fires & Fireplaces for your requirements and we will be delighted to assist and advise you choosing the material that best suits your requirements. Should you be unclear about any item contained in this document please request that we clarify same.