Black Diamond

By choosing a free standing wood burner you choose an environmental friendly stove which meets German and European standards perfectly. All these wood stoves have a high output and a low CO2 emission. The extra after burning of the flue gases ensure high efficiency and better combustion. This unusual stove with doors on both sides allows easy access to add wood.  The stove is finished with a black ceramic top and the flames are clearly visible from all angles.

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  • Contemporary wood / log burner
  • Available in 2 models - Freestanding or Pedestal
  • Flue outlet from the top of the unit
  • 78% efficient
  • Interior options: Vermiculite panels
  • Heat output: 8-10KW
  • Flue diameter: 150mm
  • External air supply
  • Sizes: 877 x 586 x 693mm
  • Duct casing optional