S 75 Corner L/R

The new Smart series of woodburners were developed especially to replace the fireplace existing situations. It is available as an ordinary inset stove or as a corner stove pictured here this 75 Corner can also be ordered as a left or right sided model. All stoves in the S series are fitted with the highly insulated interior. This attractive, durable material is mounted as the interior wall of the fire. It is extremely heat resistant, rendering improved combustion, a higher insulation value and a longer useful life.

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  • Contemporary inset woodburner
  • Flue outlet from the top of the unit
  • 77.7% efficient
  • Size: 745.5mm x 383.6mm x 538mm
  • Highly insulated interior
  • Heat output: 9kW
  • Flue diameter: 150mm
  • External air supply