Lamartine Fires & Fireplaces recommend wood fuel as a clean, low carbon and sustainable source of heat. We believe that wood plays an important role in the future of sustainable energy and the move away from fossil fuels.  The rising costs of electricity, oil and gas are making wood fuel a very attractive option for heating homes. Wood is an abundant, it is a natural resource and producing wood fuels can boost local jobs and support rural communities. Wood fuel has changed the face of modern heating and there are many powerful reasons to choose wood.

  • Wood fuel can save on the cost of heating.
  • Modern wood burning technology is very efficient you can choose to heat a single room or your whole house.
  • Wood is a low carbon fuel and has the lowest Carbon Dioxide rating of all fuels per kilowatt hour of energy.

We sell three main wood fuel products in a bag and pallet quantities. Choose between Kiln Dried Logs, Compressed Eco Briquette Logs and Wood Pellets to find the best fuel source to burn in your stove, inset burner or pellet burner,